A Guide to Asea Redox Supplement Reviews

Published: August 11, 2020

You can search for it on Google, YouTube, or Asea’s website, but no matter where you look, there is no way you can miss the impact Asea has had on professional athletes across the globe. These Asea Redox supplement reviews not only speak to the credibility of Asea and its products, but they are genuinely motivational stories that will leave you wondering about the impact Asea Redox supplement could have on your life. For Asea athletes who are continuously reaching their goals and then setting new records to break, adequate nutrition is no longer enough. Asea water allows them to supplement their diet and rigorous training with the redox signaling molecules their cells need for enhanced health and performance. Asea Redox even plays a role in their rest and recovery, which is imperative for successful training and building muscle and endurance.  For all these reasons and more, athletes turn to this fantastic easy-to-drink water to keep their cells and bodies not only healthy but thriving, day in and day out.

Here is a closer look at some Asea Redox supplement reviews and why Asea athletes everywhere choose it every day:

Asea Redox Supplement Reviews

Billy Richards, Ultramarathon Runner & Veteran 

Billy Richards is an OCR fanatic and ultramarathon runner who spends any free time he has outside of the gym training others. He is a veteran of the armed forces who carries multiple certifications from personal training and nutrition to performance enhancement specialization and CrossFit coaching. Billy also has an outstanding background in endurance and strength-based competitive races, but his focus is ultramarathons. He has made world record attempts to race the most 100-mile runs in one year, receiving multiple wins and awards across his career. The essential element of racing to Billy is his strategy, which is why he uses Asea Redox to support his conditioning and recovery. He takes four ounces in the morning and at night and attributes much of his success to Asea.

Julissa Diez Conseco, Taekwondo Olympian

Julissa has lived an athletic lifestyle since the age of six, taking part in any sport from volleyball to gymnastics, not to mention chasing around 11 brothers. At the age of nine, she turned her focus to taekwondo and has been competing for over 20 years, claiming her place on the Peruvian National Team, and then going on race in the Olympics. Julissa drinks four ounces of Asea Redox every morning and night, as well as two ounces before and after every training. Asea helps her achieve her goals while keeping her pain-free.

Lisa Cabiles, Marathoner 

Lisa has over 30 long-distance races under her belt and has been breaking personal records since she started drinking Asea. Now Lisa does not go a day without it; she takes the supplement three to four times every day. Asea Redox not only helps Lisa’s body recover daily, but it helped aide her in the time following a severe injury to keep her on track with her training and goals.

Michelle Salt, Paralympic Athlete

Since Michelle lost most of her right leg due to a car accident in 2011, she has been an advocate for people with disabilities who, like Michelle, wish to remain active and adapt their exercises to the needs and abilities of their body. Physical activity and adventurous challenges were a big part of Michelle’s life before the accident, so naturally, recovery was not just the only thing on her to-do list of successes. She is now a Paralympic snowboarder and World Cup medalist who pursues active interests from wakeboarding to mountain biking. She drinks two ounces of Asea Redox before and after training.

Tyler Long, Pickleball Pro 

Among the top five pickleball players in the world is Tyler Long, formerly a division I college tennis player who fell in love with the sport shortly after arriving at college. Tyler has played pickleball competitively for over five years and has placed highly in big tournaments. Since taking Asea, he has noticed more improvements in his game and fewer injuries. He begins and ends his day with four ounces of Asea, which he also says helps him relax and sleep better.

Breeja Larson, Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

Breeja was a dedicated swimmer in high school who began taking Asea her senior year, receiving a scholarship to swim at Texas A&M University and progressing from there to NCAA Championships and then to the Olympics. What Breeja loves most about Asea is that she can trust it, and it is simple. As an Olympic gold medalist who has broken world records in breaststroke, she relies on eight ounces of Asea before and after each training session.

Shawn Burke, Ironman Triathlete

Shawn has competed in over 200 triathlons and 20 Ironman races over 32 years. Shawn is avid about his athleticism, and he is always pushing past his limits, which is why he has relied on Asea Redox for seven out of the last 32 years to keep him healthy and active. Shawn takes eight ounces of Asea three times a day.

Asea is passionate about their athletes, just as their athletes are passionate about Asea’s amazing supplements, which fuel them every day. On Asea’s website you are sure to find more Asea Redox supplement reviews from other Ironman triathletes, as well reports from a professional track and field runner, a fencing gold medalist, a professional water skier, as well as entire cross-country mountain biking teams. But Asea’s impact reaches much farther than the athletic community. There are Asea Redox supplement reviews and videos online from mothers and wives who have recovered from severe medical conditions and improved their health dramatically thanks to the way Asea Redox works to heal their bodies at the cellular level. Some have turned to Asea at a time they needed it most, while others have been drinking it all along. Still, across all these various testimonials and backgrounds, it seems Asea drinkers would all agree with two things: Asea Redox has changed their life, and they do not plan to go another day without it.