ASEA Ingredients


One full bottle of the ASEA Redox Supplement (32oz) contains 125 mg of Sodium (7% of the recommended daily value) and 193 mg of Chloride (6% of the recommended daily value).

As stated on the label, each bottle of the ASEA Redox Supplement includes essential natural chlorine in trace amounts. It is important to recognize that this is not chlorine as you would typically think of it, but rather a naturally occurring and safe compound of sodium chloride and purified water. The ASEA Redox Supplement has been proven to be 100% safe for consumption, and if you would like to read over the results of the safety studies conducted on the ASEA Redox Supplement, we will be happy to send you over a PDF copy at your request.


RENU28 and RENU ADVANCED SERUM are created with Sodium Chloride, Purified Water, Magnesium Silicate and Disodium Phosphate.

Sodium Chloride and ultra-purified Water are the key ingredients used to make Redox Signaling Molecules, just as with the ASEA Redox Supplement Drink.

For the topical gel application, the additional of Sodium Magnesium Silicate is required as a non-reactive thickening agent and an emulsifier for both the RENU28 and RENU ADVANCED SERUM. This produces RENU28’s and RENU ADVANCED SERUM’s thicker topical gel without harming the balanced Redox Signaling Molecules inside. RENU28 and the RENU ADVANCED SERUM have been approved by the FDA for direct skin contact and are completely non-toxic. There are no known negative health or ecological impacts of these products.

In order to lower the pH level of ASEA’s RENU28 and RENU ADVANCED GEL, a small amount of Disodium Phosphate is used, making the ASEA topical gel more effective in its uses on the skin.


If you would like to ask questions directly to ASEA Global, you may reach out to them via their ASEA Associate Support by phone. They currently support 15 languages and hold normal office hours and are very helpful in supplying details upon request.