A Guide to Asea Redox Supplement Reviews

You can search for it on Google, YouTube, or Asea’s website, but no matter where you look, there is no way you can miss the impact Asea has had on professional athletes across the globe. These Asea Redox supplement reviews not only speak to the credibility of Asea and its products, but they are genuinely motivational stories that will leave you wondering about the impact Asea Redox supplement could have on your life. For Asea athletes who are continuously reaching their goals and then setting new records to break, adequate nutrition is no longer enough. Asea water allows them to supplement their diet and rigorous training with the redox signaling molecules their cells need for enhanced health and performance. Asea Redox even plays a role in their rest and recovery, which is imperative for successful training and building muscle and endurance.  For all these reasons and more, athletes turn to this fantastic easy-to-drink water to keep their cells and bodies not only healthy but thriving, day in and day out.

Here is a closer look at some Asea Redox supplement reviews and why Asea athletes everywhere choose it every day:

Asea Redox Supplement Reviews

Billy Richards, Ultramarathon Runner & Veteran 

Billy Richards is an OCR fanatic and ultramarathon runner who spends any free time he has outside of the gym training others. He is a veteran of the armed forces who carries multiple certifications from personal training and nutrition to performance enhancement specialization and CrossFit coaching. Billy also has an outstanding background in endurance and strength-based competitive races, but his focus is ultramarathons. He has made world record attempts to race the most 100-mile runs in one year, receiving multiple wins and awards across his career. The essential element of racing to Billy is his strategy, which is why he uses Asea Redox to support his conditioning and recovery. He takes four ounces in the morning and at night and attributes much of his success to Asea.

Julissa Diez Conseco, Taekwondo Olympian

Julissa has lived an athletic lifestyle since the age of six, taking part in any sport from volleyball to gymnastics, not to mention chasing around 11 brothers. At the age of nine, she turned her focus to taekwondo and has been competing for over 20 years, claiming her place on the Peruvian National Team, and then going on race in the Olympics. Julissa drinks four ounces of Asea Redox every morning and night, as well as two ounces before and after every training. Asea helps her achieve her goals while keeping her pain-free.

Lisa Cabiles, Marathoner 

Lisa has over 30 long-distance races under her belt and has been breaking personal records since she started drinking Asea. Now Lisa does not go a day without it; she takes the supplement three to four times every day. Asea Redox not only helps Lisa’s body recover daily, but it helped aide her in the time following a severe injury to keep her on track with her training and goals.

Michelle Salt, Paralympic Athlete

Since Michelle lost most of her right leg due to a car accident in 2011, she has been an advocate for people with disabilities who, like Michelle, wish to remain active and adapt their exercises to the needs and abilities of their body. Physical activity and adventurous challenges were a big part of Michelle’s life before the accident, so naturally, recovery was not just the only thing on her to-do list of successes. She is now a Paralympic snowboarder and World Cup medalist who pursues active interests from wakeboarding to mountain biking. She drinks two ounces of Asea Redox before and after training.

Tyler Long, Pickleball Pro 

Among the top five pickleball players in the world is Tyler Long, formerly a division I college tennis player who fell in love with the sport shortly after arriving at college. Tyler has played pickleball competitively for over five years and has placed highly in big tournaments. Since taking Asea, he has noticed more improvements in his game and fewer injuries. He begins and ends his day with four ounces of Asea, which he also says helps him relax and sleep better.

Breeja Larson, Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

Breeja was a dedicated swimmer in high school who began taking Asea her senior year, receiving a scholarship to swim at Texas A&M University and progressing from there to NCAA Championships and then to the Olympics. What Breeja loves most about Asea is that she can trust it, and it is simple. As an Olympic gold medalist who has broken world records in breaststroke, she relies on eight ounces of Asea before and after each training session.

Shawn Burke, Ironman Triathlete

Shawn has competed in over 200 triathlons and 20 Ironman races over 32 years. Shawn is avid about his athleticism, and he is always pushing past his limits, which is why he has relied on Asea Redox for seven out of the last 32 years to keep him healthy and active. Shawn takes eight ounces of Asea three times a day.

Asea is passionate about their athletes, just as their athletes are passionate about Asea’s amazing supplements, which fuel them every day. On Asea’s website you are sure to find more Asea Redox supplement reviews from other Ironman triathletes, as well reports from a professional track and field runner, a fencing gold medalist, a professional water skier, as well as entire cross-country mountain biking teams. But Asea’s impact reaches much farther than the athletic community. There are Asea Redox supplement reviews and videos online from mothers and wives who have recovered from severe medical conditions and improved their health dramatically thanks to the way Asea Redox works to heal their bodies at the cellular level. Some have turned to Asea at a time they needed it most, while others have been drinking it all along. Still, across all these various testimonials and backgrounds, it seems Asea drinkers would all agree with two things: Asea Redox has changed their life, and they do not plan to go another day without it.

8 Remarkable Effects of ASEA Redox Supplement

Enhanced Antioxidants 

Asea Redox Supplement enhances the functions of our body’s master antioxidants: Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase. Glutathione is known to reduce symptoms for certain diseases by preventing cell damage caused by free radicals. Superoxide Dismutase fights infections and damage to DNA and body proteins by defending the body from oxidative stress.

Asea Redox repairs the damage we encounter from pathogens and toxins every day by activating these master antioxidants inside our cells, increasing their effectiveness by over 500%!

Strengthened Immune System 

Pollutants and toxins are everywhere, from the air we breathe and the food we eat. This puts our immune system at a constant battle, ultimately leading to not only a reduced density of redox signaling molecules but an ability for our cells to function properly and remain balanced.

Asea Redox Supplement is the only product in the world that provides us with these stabilized redox signaling molecules, simply by drinking a glass of it. This amazing supplement improves our overall health and helps us make up for the factors in our environment that are mostly out of our control.

Thriving Cells

The communication between our cells is what keeps our bodies alive and thriving. As we age, our cells experience fewer and fewer redox signals, causing communication between cells to slow down. This is the very aging process itself, manifesting in every part of our body.

When we are young, our bodies and cells operate at peak efficiency, but as we get older our cells need more care and attention. Asea Redox provides us with the redox signaling molecules we need to care for our bodies and get this crucial cell functioning back to optimal performance.

Slower Cellular Breakdown

Cells play a role in every major function of our body, and are crucial to healthy functions and responses, even though you likely are not consciously aware that it is happening. However, when cellular breakdown occurs there is a reduction in redox signaling molecules, leading to weaker immune systems and a multitude of issues ranging from cardiovascular to digestive. So, as we age, this cellular breakdown continues to occur, and we experience increased needs for more involved medical care.

Older populations, especially, spend a great deal of money and precious time in hospital or doctor settings, looking for ways to ultimately get their health back. Luckily, though, Asea Redox allows us to begin the recovery and defense process before it is too late, allowing us to be proactive about addressing these healthcare needs on a cellular level.

Supported Gene Expression 

When we think of gene expression we tend to think of things like eye and hair color, but the truth is that genes go far beyond that. Genes carry the instructions to cells that dictate healthy bodily functions. So, when our cell signals weaken our gene expression is inhibited because our cell signals help maintain this gene expression within the body. Further weakening these cell signals and thereby turning off genes, is everything from environmental factors to stress, aging, diet, and lifestyle choices. Because Asea Redox is the only supplement that is certified to contain active redox signaling molecules that signal the activation of genetic pathways, it helps to prevent this hindrance and regulate overall gene activity.

Increased Energy and Athletic Performance 

Whether we are expending energy for our average daily workout or consider ourselves to be a full-time athlete, we need healthy cells. Cells are how we get our energy, housing the powerhouse often referred to as the “mighty” mitochondria. Asea Redox provides us with redox signaling molecules so we can signal that powerhouse within the cell to output an energy source known as ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate. This ATP carries energy to our cells that we need to perform even the simplest of functions such as walking, let alone running that next marathon. Asea Redox boosts the signaling of these molecules so they can release fuel and perform all cellular processes, which helps to build our muscles and keep us moving. Therefore, athletes and common exercisers alike turn to Asea Redox to enhance their overall athletic performance.

Improved Muscle & Injury Recovery

When we exert stress on the body, muscle fibers are being damaged which leads to muscle soreness. It is imperative to rest and let our muscles repair themselves through healing the damaged muscle fibers. In a two-week double-blind study of Athletes who used Asea Redox, scientists discovered that they experienced not only an increase in power output and endurance but reported less muscle soreness. For those who are athletes or simply know what it means to be sore, this is monumental. Shorter recovery time means more performance time, leading to a happier, healthier, and fitter life.

Recovery does not only apply to muscles, though. If you recall, as a child it took a great deal less time to heal from injuries because our skin had higher elasticity. Yet as we age, our wounds not only take longer to heal but our muscles grow slower because of the aging impact on and of our cells. So if you thought before that Asea Redox may not apply to you, think again, because we all age, and we all could use a supplement like Asea to help us rebound from the stressors of daily life and keep our health flourishing.

Increased Overall Health

Millions of people in the world suffer from diseases that are attributed to the degree that a system in their body is functioning. Chronic Inflammatory diseases, for example, cause your body to overact and in some cases attack itself, making it the most significant cause of death in the world. This is a result of inflammatory responses. When it comes to the immune system, as many as 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease, another case in the body attacks itself. Cells play a crucial role in healthy functioning in all these major systems, as well as in hormonal regulation, digestive functions, and cardiovascular health. Not only do these systems have to function properly on their own, but the way they function together physiologically determines how healthy our bodies are overall. Asea Redox Supplement provides the powerful cellular messengers we need to protect and restore cells, helping us achieve optimal cellular function and thereby, optimal health.

3 Ways Asea Redox Supplement Enhances Your Health

Often referred to as the “building blocks of life”, cells are the basic structural and biological unit of all known organisms. Small as they may be, they make up every living thing and carry out all life functions. We as humans have trillions of cells in our bodies that carry out so many specialized functions, such as converting food into energy. By far the most important function of a cell, though, is duplicating itself to reproduce and replace itself. If our cells did not divide like this, life as we know it would cease to exist. So, you can see already that our cell health is incredibly important. As with many functions that take place within our bodies, there is little that is in our control. But when it comes to cells, the impact we can make on what we can control is monumental. This is why thousands of people worldwide are turning to Asea Redox Supplement to keep their cells healthy and thriving. 

Asea Redox Cell Signaling Supplement is the first and only supplement on the market certified to contain active redox signaling molecules, which are powerful cellular messengers that help protect, rejuvenate, and restore cells. These molecules, that are native to the human body, are created through a groundbreaking, patented process that reorganizes molecules of natural salt and purified water into redox signaling molecules.

Here are three ways Asea Redox Supplement Enhances Your Health:

  1. Immune System & Antioxidants:

One way Asea Redox Supplement boosts your health is by enhancing the function and strength of our body’s master antioxidants: Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase. Superoxide Dismutase is a very important antioxidant when it comes to defending against oxidative stress in the body. Now there’s a lot at play here in the body but simply put, oxidative stress can ultimately lead to infections, or damage to DNA, fatty tissue, and body proteins. It also plays a role in aging. Glutathione is equally important, preventing cellular damage and improving mobility and reducing symptoms for certain diseases.

Asea Redox Supplement increases the effectiveness of these antioxidants by over 500% by activating these master cleaners inside our cells, helping to repair the damage caused by toxins and pathogens.

  1. Gene Expression

Gene expression is a process where information encoded in a gene directs the assembly of a protein. When you think of genes, it’s normal for your mind to go straight to eye color, hair color, or even height. But genes do much more than dictate our physical characteristics. Genes give vital life instructions to cells, and those cells carry out the instructions necessary to keep us alive and healthy. So, you can see that cell signaling in the body plays a key role in regulating gene expression.

However, as we age cell communication breaks down, the signal weakens, and gene expression can be disrupted. Regulating gene activity with redox signaling molecules keeps cellular communication strong, and Asea Redox Supplement contains trillions of these balanced and stabilized molecules. In fact, it is the only redox supplement certified to contain active redox signaling molecules. In a double-blind study conducted by Tauaret Labs, studies showed that 100% of the people who drank 8 oz. a day of Asea Redox experienced a 20%-31% enhancement in their gene expression for five major signaling pathways.

It’s crazy to think that we can play a role in affecting our health at a genetic level! Asea Redox helps us to positively affect gene expression throughout the body to protect, rejuvenate, and keep cells functioning at their optimal levels.

  1. Eases Signs of Aging

Cells play a key role in digestive function, hormone modulation, the cardiovascular system, immune system, and inflammatory response. All of these physiological processes work together to sustain life, as the cells work together to sustain these processes. Unfortunately, millions of people around the world suffer from weak immune systems, unhealthy inflammatory response, cardiovascular issues, digestive complaints, and hormonal imbalance. This ultimately is a result of cellular breakdown. In other words, if you’re cells aren’t in top-notch condition, major areas of the body are affected.

Cellular breakdown, though, is also just what happens when we age. Even though you may feel well now, and even though you can’t see it, the effects of cellular breakdown are very much happening to you at this very moment. Current research shows that environmental factors such as stress, diet, the air we breathe, aging, and even lifestyle choices can actually turn off genes, meaning the genetic instructions that dictate healthy body functions don’t get through. These consequences can manifest in every system of the body.

The five major areas of the body that are affected by cellular breakdown include:

The Immune System

As many as 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease.

Hormone Modulation

Hormone imbalances, affecting the production of key sex hormones.

Inflammatory Response

Chronic inflammatory diseases, often triggered by stress, are the most significant cause of death in the world.

Digestive Function

Digestive diseases are the second leading cause of disability due to illness in the United States.

Cardiovascular System

One in every three deaths in the United States has cardiovascular disease listed as the underlying cause.

Asea Redox Supplement has been scientifically tested and shown to signal the activation of genetic pathways, affecting genes that enhance each of these five systems in the body, by improving immune system health, maintaining inflammatory and cardiovascular health, boosting gut health and digestive enzyme production, as well as modulating hormone balance.

As we continue to grow old, our cells will break down and create fewer and fewer redox signaling molecules. As a result, we will not have fast and fluid cellular communication. Drinking Asea Redox Supplement every day is the simplest way to enhance the ability of every cell in our body to facilitate positive gene expression, as well as a healthy immune system and aging process. Drinking Asea Redox allows us to enhance our health on a level we once thought we could not control. It allows us to finally experience the vitality of true health and wellness.