How ASEA Water Improves Genetic Expression

Asea water, a unique dietary supplement assists in improving genetic expression. It improved genetic expression by affecting important signaling pathway genes. Genetic impression is the impression of certain amino acids, enzymes or hormones by creating certain products that body needs or requires. Genetic expression is the is the display of information stored in your DNA,  expressed in the form of proteins, proteins in turn perform function in various forms.

Asea WaterAsea is partnered with Taueret Laboratories. It helps us to conduct research and do observation that how Asea redox affects the human genes and what is the improvement in genetic expression.

An eight-week study was conducted in a randomized manner. This study was reviewed and improved by Quorum Review independent Review board that ensured and controlled our research study in an organized manner.

Our research study and data proof of people:

Sixty people were selected for this research study and randomized research was held where all people were trifurcated in to three groups.

The grouping was done as follows: Twenty five (25) persons were held in an active group A (Asea redox). Twenty five (25) were placed in placebo group B (Saline placebo). Ten (10) were placed in a controlled group C (restrained from eating or drinking like that of group 1 or 2).

Forty-one percent of them were males while 59% were females and mean age was 35 years. 92% of participant pool was Caucasian. RNA was taken out from the blood of these 60 people under study. This RNA was then analyzed at different levels and different expressions of genes were analyzed between groups and within groups.

Genes displayed change in expression over baseline of group A that was not observed in group B placebo and group C controlled group were potential genes of interest. A difference was also observed in group B and group C at 8 weeks.

How genetic expression is improved?

Asea water induces change in gene expression. The stable and sustained gene expression helps in following functions:

1) Immune system pathways: Immune system activity of body is improved by Asea redox. Immune system need balance and harmony to function properly which is provided to body by using Asea water.

2) Vascular health signaling pathways: Vascular health system is maintained by using Asea water and risk of cardio disease is alleviated at substantial rate. When the genetic expression of the persons using Asea water is improved then vascular health pathways will be regulated. Risk of heart disease will also be reduced

3) Digestive enzyme signaling pathway: Asea water will helps in increasing enzymes production. The indigestion of food will be contained and limited.

4) Hormone modulation pathways: Hormonal imbalances are problem of many people. The people suffering from hormonal instability will suffer from the affectation of sex hormones production as well. Asea water helps to improve the hormone modulation pathways that are regulated by improved gene expression.

5) Inflammation pathway reduction: Severe inflammation induced by stress condition is a quite common cause of death. Asea water helps to maintain the inflammation pathways that will reduce disease and death risk.

People in U.S suffer greatly from these problems and gene structure is responsible for these actions. These all functions are displayed by genes in form of proteins. But if the genes are not regulated to function properly, you will suffer these problems. The Asea water and Asea salt helps to improve the gene expression as discussed above that will regulate the body functioning.

How much change in gene expression is displayed by our research study?

KTCD12: 21% change in this gene expression is observed after subjecting the persons to Asea water. It is a protein coding gene. The disease related with this gene are Gastrointestinal (stromal tumor) diseases chiefly. Asea salt will improve the gastric problems like indigestion and others by inducing a change in gene expression of 21%.

PYROXD1 is a protein coding gene. Disease associated with this gene comprise Myofibrillar, myopathy. As the name myo indicates they are muscle related disease. The muscles do not function properly during this syndrome. Asea salt induction in gene material of the persons under study revealed a 31% change in this gene expression which is adequate to recover from the muscle diseases.

IRAK3 also comes in category of protein coding genes. The diseases linked with this gene are asthma disorders. Asthma is related to breathing problems. Our product Asea salt usage has showed 28% change in this gene expression. Almost 7.7% of U.S people suffer asthma at serious level. Asthma disorders can be treated by using Asea water.

CCR10 is also a protein coding gene. The disorders connected to this specific gene are mycoses and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Cutaneous T cell lymphoma is a cancerous disorder that results in production of excessive cancerous T-cells resulting in a reddish and itchy skin having a tumour. 20% change in this expression is observed after exposing the people under study to Asea salt water.

Regulation of certain pathways by change in gene expression:

The change in gene expression can influence following pathways:

1) Brain derived neurotrophic factor signaling pathway: Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a protein that is a member of neurotrophin family of growth factors. This protein acts on central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. It not only helps in survival of certain neurons but also aids in differentiation of new neurons and synapses. This pathway of neurotrophic factors is regulated by change in gene expression that further helps in cognition, learning and memory.

2) Circadian rhythm related genes: Circadian rhythm refers to the sleep-wake clock of your body. When this sleep-wake of body is disturbed in commensurate to environment, then genes are not functioning properly. Sometimes this change in circadian cycle is transient caused due to external factors, but when this change becomes perpetual it is a problem. The change in gene, age factor and mental conditions are responsible for continuous disturbance of circadian cycles. Asea salt helps to regulate the circadian rhythm related genes that will regulate your sleep wake cycles.

3) NRF2 pathway: The NRf2 pathway are regulator and modulator of oxidative stress in neurodegeneration. Regulation of this pathway protects the cells from oxidative-stress cell death. The oxidative cell death is linked with neuronal cell death that induces the disease like Alzheimer’s diseases, Parkinson disease, Huntington diseases. The improved gene expression prevents the cell death that will reduce the risk of all disease.

4) Inhibition of ES cell programming: The change in gene expression helps in inhibition of embryonic stem cell programming.

5) Ovarian infertility genes: Multiple genes involved in meiosis result in ovarian dysfunctioning. The ovarian dysfunctioning then contributes to infertility of female. The Asea water improves the gene expression of female that will revert fertility of female. The ovarian fertility pathway will be regulated by changing in gene expression that codes for fertilization of female and ovarian cycle.

6) Oncostatin M signaling pathway: The Oncostatin M signaling pathways are regulated, by changing the gene expression that will help in certain biological processes along with certain cellular responses involving growth, differentiation, and inflammation processes. They are also associated with proliferation of ovarian cancer cells. Asea salt improves the gene expression which in turn contributes towards activation of OMS pathway.

7) Human thyroid stimulating hormone signaling pathway: Improvement in gene expression helps in stimulating the thyroid hormone signaling pathway. Thyroid is a very important hormone released from thyroid gland. TSH induces iron uptake of body, thyroid cell differentiation, and prevents apoptosis of thyroid cells. The irregularity and non-stability of thyroid stimulating hormone can cause severe disorders like goiter, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The improved gene expression by the uptake of Asea salt is very aiding in regulation of thyroid stimulating hormone signaling pathway.

8) Insulin signaling: Insulin signaling is a very prime function of body that helps in maintenance of glucose levels in the body. Diabetes disorder is caused due to instability of glucose levels conversion in pancreas. When the interconversion of glucose into glucagon and vice versa is disrupted then main dilemma occurs. Our Asea water products that maintains the breakthrough of body functioning also helps in regulating the insulin signaling that prevents the glucose surplus or deficit in body. The genes responsible for normal insulin functioning will be regulated.

9) Spinal cord injury: Our Asea water is also very efficacious in improving the spinal cord injury. It helps to increase immunity and regulate neurons towards function and healing of spinal cord.

10) Interferon signaling: Interferon signaling is a very vital function of body that provokes the body host cells to response when a certain virus attack from outside. Interferon signaling help in producing antibodies that will react against foreign antigens. The Asea salt water helps in regulating interferon signaling which means that immune system will be further strengthened.

11) Nuclear receptor meta pathway: These are different pathways that are regulated by having a change in gene expression. Asea water helps to improve your gene expressions that will regulate body functioning.

However, improving gene expressing is helpful in many ways. Asea water aids to improve genetic expression that is extremely helpful in many body functions. Many pathways of our body are regulated that help in normal body working.

Top 5 Reasons to Drink Asea Water

  1. It Boosts Your Overall Health and Immune System

Our grandparents went their entire lives absorbing as many toxins as we humans take in every 15 minutes! 15 minutes. That is an everyday walk outside with our dog or our beloved windows-down commute to work (if we are lucky it takes that long). Knowing how many pollutants are around taking a toll on our health from things like power plants to cars, is enough to want to roll our windows backup and keep our dogs inside. Many of us strive for that balance between work and play, or health and fun, but we should not have to settle for living a life in fear of our wellbeing by simply living our normal day-to-day lives. Therefore, Asea Water was developed as the only technology in the world that delivers user-friendly, balanced, stabilized redox signaling molecules, to enhance our health and vitality, from the very moment we drink it. We cannot always control what is happening in our environment, but now we can do something to replenish our health and live our best lives.

Asea Water

One-way Asea Redox boosts our health is by enhancing the function and strength of our body’s master antioxidants: Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase. Superoxide Dismutase is an especially important antioxidant when it comes to defending against oxidative stress in the body. Simply put, oxidative stress can ultimately lead to infections, or damage to DNA, fatty tissue, and body proteins. It also plays a role in aging. Glutathione is equally important, as it prevents damage to cells caused by things like free radicals or heavy metals, thereby reducing symptoms for certain diseases. Asea Water increases the effectiveness of these antioxidants by over 500% by activating these master cleaners inside our cells, helping to repair the damage caused by toxins and pathogens.

  1. It Eases the Signs of Aging

If you have reached, say, your 30’s or beyond, you may be all too familiar with the feeling of reminiscing on your youthful days, and how quickly you would recover from injuries as a child. It is rarely until you have reached adulthood do you fully come to understand the word “recovery”. We often need longer to rest in between activities, as our muscles and our bodies are growing slower, or our wounds are taking longer to heal due to loss of skin elasticity. Even minor aches and pains will often increase in sensation as we get older, leading to permanent and long-term problems. Well, a lot of this has everything to do with our cells.

When we are young, our bodies are operating at max efficiency. Each cell in our body is functioning so perfectly that it makes human anatomy and physiology seem one part robotic, and the other part miraculous. Complex and capable as they may be, these crucial building blocks of life called cells need our care and attention, especially as we age. As they break down, they create fewer and fewer redox signaling molecules, slowing down communication between these cells that keep our bodies thriving. The result of this is the very aging process itself, manifesting in every part of the body where once fast-acting processes begin to slow down and deteriorate. The reason that millions of people around the world suffer from weak immune systems, unhealthy inflammatory response, cardiovascular issues, digestive complaints, and hormonal imbalance is ultimately is a result of cellular breakdown. Asea water is the only product on the market that allows us to address these healthcare needs on a cellular level.

  1. It Helps with Gene Expression 

Research shows that environmental factors such as the air we breathe, along with stress, diet, aging, and lifestyle choices can turn off genes, meaning the genetic instructions that dictate healthy body functions do not get through. Cell signaling plays a key role in maintaining this gene expression within the body, and Asea redox supplement has been scientifically tested and shown to signal the activation of genetic pathways.

Gene expression is a process in which the information encoded in a gene is used to direct the assembly of a protein. Genes do much more than dictate our physical characteristics including our eye color, hair color, and height. Genes give directions to the cells that carry out the instructions necessary to keep us alive and well. However, as that cell signaling weakens, gene expression gets impeded. Asea Water combats this obstruction by supplying our bodies with trillions of balanced and stabilized signaling molecules that keep cellular communication strong, thereby helping regulate gene activity. It is the only redox supplement certified to contain active redox signaling molecules.

In a double-blind study conducted by Tauaret Labs, studies showed that 100% of the people who drank 8-ounces a day of Asea Redox experienced a 20% to 31% enhancement in their gene expression for five major signaling pathways. What sets Asea Redox apart from any other product is its ability to not only protect our health and our cells but rejuvenate them and keep them at optimal performance.

  1. It Improves Energy and Athletic Performance 

Whether you search for it on Google or check out testimonials on YouTube, you are sure to find dozens of athletes who have not only enhanced their athletic performance but their overall health by drinking Asea Water.

We define athletes as those who compete in a sport or form of physical exercise in which they are proficient. We define proficient as competent or skilled. Yet athletes do not just hone a skill and stay stagnant with it; the majority dedicate their entire athletic careers to competition, or in other words, they are constantly refining and building their endurance and skillset to be better…to be the best.

ASEA Athletes strive to be at the top of their game, and they can achieve that because their athletic performance also exists at a cellular level, where cells are working to build and heal every muscle in their bodies. In a world of increasing competition, these days it is not just enough to drink water and eat the right foods. The world is also not all for breaking the rules of the sport either, even though many athletes eventually fall victim to harmful supplements at some point in their careers. Luckily Asea Water gives these athletes the healthiest and safest way to supplement their training and diet. When we intake redox signaling molecules, we are signaling the powerhouse, a.k.a., “mighty” mitochondria within our cells to output an energy source known as ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate. ATP is the energy-carrying and capturing molecule found in the cells of all living things. So, by breaking down what we take into our bodies, this molecule can release that energy to fuel other cellular processes. Asea Redox comes into play here because athletes are using so many muscles in their bodies all the time, so, the more muscles at work, the more cells that are diligently at work in the background.

However, though expending such high amounts of energy is crucial to these athlete’s goals, just as imperative is their need to recover and rebuild. This includes rest, stretching, sleep, as well as critical nutrients. Scientists have been curious to test Asea Redox in terms of factors including oxygen intake, heart rate, and carbon dioxide build-up. They also found that in a double-blind study that took place for two weeks, many of the Asea Athlete test subjects experienced not only a 30% increase in both their power output and endurance but reported less muscle soreness. As you can see, athletes not only strive for optimal performance, they do not have a choice but to care about their recovery and healing time as well, because it is all a constant cycle. The time we spend letting our muscles recover equates to the strength and endurance we can expend the next time. When it comes to athletes, whether you are a professional or just consider yourself active, you know what it means to push for better. You know that what sets you apart is your drive and trailblazing efforts, which is why exactly Asea Water too is a step above the rest, paving the way for a better, stronger, and healthier future.

  1. It is Simple and Easy! 

Finally, Asea is as easy as drinking a glass of water because it is water! You would need a lot more hands if asked to count on all 10 fingers how many times you’ve forgotten to take your vitamins because you didn’t bring them with you traveling, or you left them all at work over the weekend. Asea Water makes it incredibly easy to get the top-performing nutrients you need every day, and it’s as simple as swapping out just one glass of your usual water, for the special blue pouch or bottle you’ll come to know and love. In fact, once you get a taste for the amazing and healthy future that Asea Redox has to offer you, you will never leave home without it.