Who Can Use Renu 28 Products?

Redox signaling molecules are cellular messengers that support healthy cellular function and rejuvenation, and repair damage of the skin. These messenger molecules enable proper cell communication within your body to ensure the optimal performance of the immune system, along with cellular healing. There are not just trillions of cells working constantly inside of the body. There are also trillions of cells on the surface of the skin, the body’s largest organ. On all seven layers of the skin, cells are constantly dying off and being replaced by new ones to keep the skin healthy and functioning. Renu 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel is the only product on the market that can replicate the body’s own natural redox signaling molecules, helping to keep the skin thriving on more than just the surface. It is made using a revolutionary technology that applies active redox signaling molecules directly to the skin. So, who should use Renu 28?

People Concerned about Aging

Renu28As we age, our bodies and skin lose the molecules that maintain our skin elasticity. It is one of the main reasons you may often hear that crucial reminder to put on sunscreen before going outside. Sun can accelerate this loss of elasticity, meaning the skin loses its ability to stretch and bounce back to normal. Smoking is also a big contributor to this, as well as other lifestyle choices. By far, though, the aging process is ultimately what causes this loss, leading to unwanted facial lines and wrinkles. It is 100 percent natural and happens to everyone.

Asea created Renu 28 to apply active redox molecules directly onto the body. After developing Asea water, Asea strived to also discover a product that would work cellular magic from the outside in, even though it was previously thought that there was no way these molecules could be recreated. But after extensive research and testing, Renu 28 was introduced to the market as the only supplement that affects the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself.

Because we all age, slowly but surely every day, Renu 28 is a healthy and appropriate choice of skincare for anyone, especially as we grow older and feel the effects of stress taking over our lives and sense of wellness. Environmental toxins and UV rays from time spent in the sun continue to negatively impact us as well, further weakening our immune systems and causing normal cellular functions to lessen. When this happens, our once proper balance of redox signaling molecules cannot be maintained, which affects our skin’s natural ability to regenerate and revitalize itself. It also increases the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and color loss. Therefore, Asea developed Renu 28 because of the amount of time it takes for this revitalization process to happen, or, in other words, the time it takes for skin cell turnover to happen doubles as we age. This results in a loss of skin elasticity which, in turn, affects the blood flow that keeps our skin looking vibrant and youthful. According to one Renu 28 review, the gel clearly reduced neck wrinkles, while others remarked that their skin looked and felt smoother and tighter. Renu 28 is an excellent product for anyone who is wanting to revitalize their youthful glow or is concerned about the effects of aging on the skin.

People Who Struggle with Cellulite 

While the exact causes of cellulite are still being studied, many factors can contribute to this formation of lumps and dimples in the skin. Cellulite is very common, especially in women, and is said to be linked to fat cells and deposits in the body. Cellulite can develop because of genetics, lifestyle choices such as smoking or lack of exercise, and even hormone imbalances such as estrogen and insulin. Overall, though, cellulite is more prevalent and visible in people who carry excess fat.

Aging, yet again, is a significant factor here because as we age the amount of fat we store in our bodies increases. So as cells in one layer of fat protrude into the next layer of skin beneath the skin’s surface, it creates an uneven surface or dimpling. Cellulite creates this lumpy appearance that many of us prefer to hide from the world. But if we can improve skin elasticity, then we can certainly improve the common yet unfavorable appearance of this dimpled skin. This is where Renu 28 comes into play. Renu 28 is clinically tested to be effective in improving skin elasticity, therefore reducing the appearance of cellulite.

In a 12-week trial led by Dermatest, 30 women applied Renu 28 to a cellulite area twice daily. The results showed that Renu 28 helped decrease the appearance of cellulite by 16%. They also showed a 15.81% reduction in the appearance of fat lobule size and a 20.91% increase in skin elasticity.

Anyone Looking to Increase Blood Flow

When healthy blood flow is maintained within the body, our oxygen also flows properly and this affects all major functions and organs of the body, including our skin. The results of a double-blind study showed that Renu 28 increased blood flow by 49% within just 15 minutes of application. What this means is that within just 15 minutes, Renu 28 can make a noteworthy difference in regulating temperature and detoxifying the body. Additionally, when blood flow is increased, we can heal injuries more quickly and increase circulation, thereby maintaining higher levels of energy.

Renu 28 For All Skincare Needs 

Renu 28 reviews attest that this one-of-kind topical gel increases skin elasticity, smoothness, and moisture while decreasing color loss, fine lines, and facial wrinkles including eye wrinkle depth.

Whether your needs are to address specific areas of the skin such as wrinkles or cellulite or simply improve your circulation or energy levels throughout the day, Renu 28 is your answer for it all. Better skin goes beyond just your appearance. Better skin is better health, and better health means a better and more exuberant you.

How Effective is RENU 28 Redox Gel?

Our Asea Renu28 redox gel is another soothing and revitalizing products for our customers. Renu28 redox gel is very relaxing product for almost all derma problems. It helps to retain your skin delicacy in a natural manner. Skin is the largest superficial organ of body that requires extra care and maintenance. Renu28 redox gel is a multi-purpose gel that will aid to revive the skin natural beauty in a long run.

Some qualities of our product efficacy are given as:


1) Whole body skin therapy: Renu28 redox gel is not only a face product. It is very helpful in producing a vitalizing effect on your skin of body. It soothes your skin, moisturizes it, adds nutritive effects, enhances texture, and reduces fat lobules. It not only acts on the skin surface superficially but produces inclusive effect. The dead and non-functional cells that not only gives rough appearance but also reduces your skin beauty are removed. They are replaced by healthy, new, virtuous and robust cells. These new cells now produces efficacious result.

The research study conducted by us produced the combined effect after usage of Renu28 redox gel which is summarized as:

  • Reduce eye wrinkle depth by 21%
  • Improve wrinkles overall by 23%
  • Improve facial skin texture by 22%
  • Increase skin’s smoothness by 23%
  • Increase skin’s elasticity by 20%
  • Increase skin’s moisture by 11%

2) Helps in skin renewal and skin turn over: The skin renewal cycles vary with age. The skin renewal cycle is short in younger ones while becomes longer in elder ones. Renu28 redox gel helps in renewal of your skin at a fast pace. Using it regularly will shorten your skin renewal cycle. Skin renewal cycle is the ability of skin to renew the cells (replace torn cells by healthy ones). The skin renewal skin that is usually 28-42 days in normal persons is reduced to 28-36 days. It simply shows that healthier cells are attained at faster pace than normal pace. This is directly related to increased blood flow. Augmented and improved blood flow will help you to repair and renew your skin cells.

Our conducted research study will help you to observe how skin renewal occurred. Renu28 redox gel application for 30 days. 16% improvement in skin renewal was observed in 24-36 days.

3) Anti-aging effects on women above 45: Aging is an inevitable phenomenon of nature that cannot be reversed. It progresses with passage of time and shows its effects in form of wrinkles on face and hands that are most evident. Loosening of skin tissue binding is also an associated phenomena. Renu28 redox gel contains active redox signaling molecules that functions directly at cellular level. Its active signaling molecule formula helps to revitalize skin and improve its functioning.

We conducted a female based research study where all the selected females were above 45. The factors we included were skin hydration, eye wrinkle depth, face appearance and elasticity. Females used our product twice a day for 4 weeks. Results revealed a significant improvement in female skin. Skin texture (dryness) was abolished and transformation into moist skin was appreciated. The skin texture was improved by 22%, skin smoothness was enhanced by 23%, and skin elasticity was boosted by 20%.

4) Changes the blood flow: The largest body organ according to surface area that always remain open and exposed to environmental conditions is skin. It protects body from foreign germs, maintains body temperature and retains moisture. But when the skin cells are unhealthy they are impotent to perform their functions in a healthier routine.

Here are some benefits of Renu28 redox gel that are as follows:

  • Healthy and radiant skin: Renu28 redox gel helps to increase blood flow of body. When blood flow is increased then skin cells will be healthy and functional.
  • Even complexion: The skin tone is upheld in a robust manner. Renu28 redox gel helps you to retain skin complexion.
  • Reprieve from dry skin: Renu28 redox gel helps you to refrain from dry skin having dead cells. The dead cells will be replaced by healthy ones after usage of Renu28.
  • Reduce swelling: Our Renu28 redox gel helps in sinking skin swelling. Skin swelling is a problem in many people. Renu28 redox gel will effect on your skin cells, reduce its inflation and brings it to original position.


5) Effects on cellulite and adipose lobule: Studies have shown positive effects of Renu28 redox gel on the values of length and breadth of adipose lobules. Its major influence was observed in areas of thigh tissue lobules. Cellulite is formed when fat lobules press against skin. The regular usage of our product has shown a noteworthy trimming of fat both along the length and breadth of skin. Renu28 redox gel has revealed a significant decline in fat lobules of thighs over its usage at 6 weeks and at 12 weeks study. The length of fat adipose lobule has decreased approx. 12% at 6 weeks and approx. 15% at 12 weeks. Similarly, the breadth of fat adipose lobules has declined about 10% at 6 weeks and 14% at 12 weeks. Further effects can be felt by using Renu28 redox gel at regular routines.

6) Complete transformation of skin: As age proceeds, environmental toxins inculcate in our skin and weakens our defense and immune system of body. The skin’s ability to revitalize decreases over times. Asea redox gel helps to remove the firmed toxins of your body and regulating the cell functioning at optimal levels. It absorbs in your skin and performs at cellular level by rejuvenating your skin. Our product Renu28 changes your skin’s appearance by making an evident difference in skin outlook. The injured and ruptured cells get replaced by healthy cells. Renu28 enhance cellular health by providing whole body skin therapy. It enhances your skin ability to become prone to everyday stressors and your skin becomes immune to environmental toughing. After using our Renu28 gel you will observe a considerable change in skin appearance that will transform from a rough and dead to a healthier and vitalized one.

7) Skin rejuvenation: The skin rejuvenation ability is amended by using Renu28. After age of 50 years the skin renewal capacity decreases and cells are renewed after three months. Delaying ability to renew skin cells is not a healthy feature. Delayed cells renewal will make your skin appearance dull, monotonous and tidy. The skin freshness and glow will be lost due to delayed skin rejuvenation. Renu28 mends your skin cells by redox signaling molecules at broad level.

Fine lines, skin dryness and wrinkles are a common feature after 45 or 50 years. The redox signaling formula goes through your skin and helps in renovation, no matter how much your skin is damaged at how much level. The pervasive effects of Renu28 redox gel can be observed after its regular usage.

8) Improves skin elasticity: Renu28 redox gel is very helpful in improving skin elasticity. The loosening of skin occurs as your age progresses. The skin tightening and binding ability begins to loose with passage of time. Our product will help you regain your skin elasticity and pliability. It provides skin tissues binding ability and decreases their loosening each day. Research study on female subject revealed that usage of Renu28 redox gel twice a day in thigh test area was quite appreciable. The product was applied to skin area for 30-60 seconds and a certain %age of improvement was observed. After 6 weeks, approx. 16% improvement was observed at 6 weeks and 24% improvement was seen at 12 weeks. The research evaluation shows a progressive improvement is skin elasticity with usage of Renu28 redox gel twice a day.

In a nutshell, Renu28 redox gel is a scientifically tested product whose application has been revealed by testing on age groups of different females to analyze best results for our customers regarding our product. The results proved out to efficient in a broad spectrum ranging from skin rejuvenation to anti-aging ability. It proved out to be an efficient and worthy product for females who are suffering from derma problems. It is a good feature of Renu28 redox gel that it is multi-purpose and multi-functional gel. It claimed to reduce anti-aging effect, increase blood flow of skin, replace dead cells by health cells, reverting of wrinkles, shedding fat lobules, increasing tissue binging and elasticity, and enhancing skin moisture. It is not only a superficial working gel but also goes deep in cuticle of your skin cells to produce effective outcomes. Women who used Renu28 redox gel regularly that was prescribed to them observed a significant transformation in their skin.

Women who are suffering from multi-derma problems must use our product to avoid spending on separate treatment as it a panacea for multi-skin problems. Environmental conditions (toxins, contaminants and many other factors) and life stresses make your skin exterior boring and repelling but you don’t need to worry about you skin either you are suffering from one derma- problem or multiple problems. Renu28 redox gel is your only solution.